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This page is for my fellow New Zealanders who want to continue to download TV (and what ever else you might want to download) after this stupid NZ 3 strike law (Skynet)

As you are probably aware New Zealand gets TV shows way later than the rest of the western world and sometimes even if a TV show does good overseas TVNZ decides not to air it here OR they either cancel half way through a season on TV (even though it was never canceled in its orginating country) or they move it to a stupid time slot (which is what they did with Justified recently; which by the way is a awesome show coming up on its 3rd season in the US)

I dont know about you but I personally have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to TV watching as you can see here half these shows TVNZ either wont show here OR they will screen it way later than I like.

SO I do the only thing I can do to get the TV shows that I want; I download them when I want where I want so I can watch what I want when I want it; I am not a slave to TVNZ any longer.

There are multiple things you can do to want what you want when you want it like me and I show you how on this web site; but unfortunately because of this 3 strikes law that came into effect on the 1st of September 2011 our choice is pretty limited now.

Here is what you can do to keep watching TV shows and not get any 3 strike notices from your ISP.

Download Torrents using a VPN which hides your IP address (which is the number the studios need to send your ISP a notice)

Most people in New Zealand that download TV shows download them using torrents; unfortunately you can be tracked by the studios if you do not use a VPN and I explain how to use one of these in the tutorial here

More info

Download your TV Shows using Usenet

Usenet is extremely quick (way faster than torrents) and is very secure; you do not need a VPN to download securely from Usenet and you can even set it up to download your TV shows while you are at work so when you come home from work your TV shows will be waiting to be watched.

More info

Torrents VS Usenet page

Watch Hulu or something Similar

Hulu is a US based streaming TV provider which is free to watch with hardly any ads; unfortunately you need to use a VPN to do so but they are cheap as chips (and a damn site cheaper than a $15,000 fine I might add)

With a VPN you can also watch other US based streaming TV and movies like Netflix and Amazon instant video and US based streaming music like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio etc

More info

Personally I use a combination of a VPN so I can watch Hulu and listen to music on Spotify; I also use Usenet because I love how it downloads automatically so I don’t have to wait.

There has been so much scaremongering by the news media over the 3 strikes law so please share this page with your friends to let them know that you can still do your downloading but you just need to change how you do it.

I hope this helps you out in your quest to download more tv.


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