Getting Started

What you & I are going to do is turn your computer into a lean mean automatic TV downloading machine using technology that is older than the internet it’s self (what is USEnet?)

Because USEnet is encrypted there is no need to use a proxy like hidemyass because encryption is part of the package.

Because we are not using Peer2Peer technology (downloading from multiple users computers) we are going to be downloading off multiple gigabit servers which will in 99.9% of cases max out your capable broadband connection speed enabling you to have your TV show within a couple of minutes or less.

You will need a few things before we begin in order to download your TV shows automatically.

1.Sick beard

2. SABnzbd
When downloading SABnzbd always download the windows binaries which are in a zipfile.

3. A usenet account (you can view the free trial accounts we have found  if you click here)

4. A free account at  & a VIP account at NZBmatrix (NZBmatrix is completely optional but is good for a backup if is down)

5. XBMC (This is a free piece of software to watch your downloaded TV shows, movies etc in and is optional)

Once SABnzbd and Sick beard are downloaded please extract the contents of the sick beard and SABnzbd zip files into the directory of your choice; for the purpose of this website I am making mine c:\AutoTV.

Rename the extracted from the zips to SABnzbd & SickBeard respectivly which will make it easier on us in the following steps.

When you have completed this please click here to setup SABnzbd


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