Get Amazon Instant Video In Australia

So you are sitting at home in your house in Australia and you get the itch to check out what the fuss is about with Amazon Instant Video only to find when you go to play a video you see message that looks like this:

Amazon Playback not Authorized







We have detected that you are not located within the US. Due to licensing restrictions Amazon Instant Video customers must be located in the United States when viewing videos online.

Okay so the people who own the copyright to the videos that Amazon streams have put restrictions onto Amazon so people from Australia or anywhere else BUT the United States Of America can view them.

Well this hardly seems fair right? why cant people from all over the globe watch what they want to watch without some mega corporation telling us that we cant just because we do not live in America.

Amazon Instant video is pretty cool; tons of videos for real cheap but because you live in Australia you cant watch them or can you?

You can actually trick Amazon into thinking you are in America so you can watch their Instant video service to your hearts content and no one but you will be none the wiser; its called a Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) and when you use one you can trick services like Amazon Instant Video or Hulu, Netflix etc into thinking that you are in the countries that they support.

I have been using a VPN for about 2 years now and to be honest with you; I don’t actually know where I would be without one; I can view anything I like on the internet now and do not get any ‘This content is unavailable in your country’ type messages.

I have typed up a short tutorial on VPNs if you would like to be able to access Amazon’s VOD services –  VPN Tutorial.