How to access Pandora radio when outside the US

You you are trying to access Pandora Radio from a country outside of the US you will get an error message that looks like this:

Pandora outside the US







Fortunately I can help you access Pandora Radio from anywhere in the world; not just in the US.
After reading this short guide you will be able to access Pandora radio each and every time enjoying the sweet music selection Pandora Radio has to offer as well as accessing a ton of other sites and services that are only otherwise available to people inside the US.

This guide will show you how to  access Pandora Radio using a  VPN (Virtual Private network); unfortunately VPN’s are not free BUT they are very inexpensive.

I have done this guide with the Hide My Ass PRO! VPN service because in all my trials over the years getting access to US restricted websites and services Hide My Ass is the best preforming VPN for the lowest amount of money and as you will see is extremely easy to set up.



Step 1

Click here to sign up for a 30 day trial period of Hide My Ass! Pro VPN; if you decide you do not like Hide My Ass! before the 30 days is up then you can get a refund of 100% of your money ($11.52 $9.99).
If you do like Hide My Ass! (and trust me you will) then you should if you can afford it renew your Hide My Ass! subscription for a year because instead of paying $11.52 $9.99 per month you will be paying $6.55 $4.99 a month; a 47% saving over the month to month plan [or 5 months free service if you want to look at it that way]  which is unbeatable by any other VPN’s worth their salt. (you could also sign up for 6 months and pay $8.44 $6.66 per month saving you 27% over the month to month plan)

Step 2

Login to the Hide My Ass! control panel and download the software (Mac, Windows or Linux) after the software has been downloaded you can install the Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Software.

Download Hide My Ass!

Step 3

Once installed please open the Hide My Ass! (HMA.exe) software; enter your username and password in the correct boxes

Step 4

Select the closet US city server to you in the ‘Quick VPN Country Change’ drop down box (selecting the closest US city will give you the best speeds which is what we want when accessing Hulu or downloading Torrents through Hide My Ass!)

Step 5

Once you have selected the country and city of your choice please click on ‘connect to VPN’

Hide My Ass! software


Step 6

You are now connected to Hide My Ass and can listen to Pandora or anything else on this list.

connected to Hidemyass

Want to learn more about how the Hide My Ass! software works? click here.
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