How to Download TV shows in New Zealand & more after Skynet Law

The Skynet Law



With only a few more days left until September 1st in New Zealand you might be wondering how can I get all the TV shows and Movies off the internet now that the 3 strike rule has come into effect.

You have a few options.

1. You stop downloading because the risk out ways the rewards.
2. You keep downloading the same as you have done before.
3. You change your downloading habits to only download from safe untraceable websites & services.

If you are like most New Zealanders you probably download from torrents; that is all good until Skynet kicks into effect because downloading from torrents is one of the most insecure downloading methods  out there today without using some sort of proxy service.

If you want to continue to download torrents but want that piece of mind that you cannot be tracked by the studios or even your ISP you should read this page I have set up which explains how you can download torrents anonymously and even watch Hulu and US only youtube videos.

If you would like to download your TV shows and more as fast as your broadband connection can handle (which today is bloody fast) all comforted by the fact that big brother cannot snoop on you then you might want to read this page right here. you can even try downloading TV automatically so it is ready when you get home from work 🙂

I hope this helps you out; the New Zealand Government may have sold out to the US corporations but we do not have to.

I have set up a comparison page for you so you can see the differences in methods and whether or not it is safe from copyright notices.

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    Thanks so much for the info; much appreciated mate.

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