Skynet is here, New Zealands 3 Strikes law is in effect

Starting from today if you live in New Zealand and download any copyright infringing material via p2p methods you could receive a notice from your ISP; receive 3 of those and your internet gets cut off and you could be fined $15,000.

If you wish to continue downloading without fear of being caught I suggest you take a look around this site;  I have created easy to follow instructions so you can download till your hearts content without getting any notices from your ISP.

Whether is it hiding your IP address so you can continue downloading torrents, changing the way you download TV or watching US TV in New Zealand on Hulu and more; I have listed it all.

You should start by Comparing downloading techniques so that you can see which method of secure downloading is right for you.

Please remember that just because the New Zealand Government has been manipulated by American Media corporations doesnt mean you have to  suffer.

Go NZ.

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4 Comments » for Skynet is here, New Zealands 3 Strikes law is in effect
  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for that; it actually does work.
    I picked up one of those usenet trials you mentioned and can download till the cows come home.

  2. Carol says:

    Awesome; found your website through
    I dont want any notices from my isp so I will try your methods out.

  3. ANON says:

    Thanks for the info; now I dont have to worry if my kids are downloading anything from the torrent sites because they are my ip address is untraceable.

  4. Fight Tyranny says:

    Fight it, by any & all mean necessary. Our human rights must be defended, regardless of the cost.

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