Why do I download TV illegally?

I live in New Zealand and New Zealand gets TV shows quite a bit later than the rest of the world.

I download TV shows because I like to keep up with my favorite shows and I like to discuss these shows online with fans of the shows as soon as they air for the first time in the shows country of origin and NOT months after if I were to watch the shows when the network wants me to watch them in my country of residence.

I download ALOT of TV; probably alot more than the average person; I am a huge TV aficionado but I do not have a cable hooked up to my TV giving me local TV because quite frankly the TV shows produced in New Zealand are utter shit.

My parents cant understand why I do not have my TV hooked up to the satellite that came with the house; they cant understand that I don’t even want it hooked up if even just to watch the news; Mum, Dad; I can read the news on the internet and watch the highlight clips and don’t have to sit there listening to the news hosts make jokes that aren’t funny even in the slightest.

When I come home from work my computer has all the shows downloaded that aired that day in America OR where ever they aired and the computer has even put the TV show in the right directory on my Hard drive; all done automatically and there are no commercial breaks 🙂

Isn’t this illegal?  in a matter of speaking yes it is illegal but not in the criminal sense; you cant go to jail for downloading TV and I wouldn’t have to break the law if the TV networks just changed their way of doing business.

The way I figure it is that the  TV networks are pissed because people are downloading their TV shows ‘illegally’and so they are missing out on Advertising revenue because the people who upload the shows to the net are cutting all the ads out.

Now if the TV networks had one ad at the start of the Show and one ad at the end of the show and very minimal ads at the bottom of the screen during the show; maybe a little product placement in the show its self; they could then release the show to a global audience simultaneously online (steaming or for download) which would work if they could cut advertising deals with local companies.

The TV networks could even charge a flat rate monthly fee for subscribers to download or stream high quality TV shows; maximum of $3-4 per network of course; TV shows are spread through out a huge number of networks; I alone have shows on at least five networks which would make my bill $15-20 monthly; I am already paying around the same price to download these shows ‘illegally’ so I have no problem paying the same to download them legally.

So until the TV networks come around to the 21st century way of doing business in a global market; I will keep downloading my TV shows ‘illegally’ and they will keep losing advertising revenue.

When I was living in America in 2008 I was downloading torrents and received notices from copyright holders quite frequently but I do not download torrents any more so no more notices for me 🙂  besides my way is faster; check out the proof.

I can show you the way I download  TV shows quickly, safely (and did I mention… FREE 🙂 ); either manually or even automatically if you feel so inclined; please continue to [Step One]

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