How to use Spotify outside of USA

**Edit 2/3/2012***
There is a very good tutorial located at Fergeeks website which contains step by step instructions on how to get Spotify to work if you are not located in USA; Link here

If you want to use Spotify Music but are not in the USA or Europe where Spotify Music is able to be used here is a way to do this.

Have a friend who lives where Spotify is able to be used sign up for a free account for you using your email, password etc.
This friend then logs in for the first time using your login information.

You can now use the free version of spotify Music for 14 days; after which your US friend needs to log back in to your account for a couple of seconds to reset the 14 day Abroad function then you can log back in and listen to more free music.

You can also sign up for a VPN service like Hidemyass if you do not have a friend in a country where Spotify Music is located; this will allow you to go through the signup process yourself and log your self into Spotify Music.
The unfortunate part is a VPN costs about $11 a month but this this enable you to have free unlimited music and watch free unlimited TV on; you can also go on many other sites that are restricted to US audiences so $11 a month is a small price to pay I think.

We have a VPN tutorial on this page right here for more information.

Please share this around; free music is awesome.

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