My impressions of the first fall 2011 TV show Pilots

I have to say I enjoyed my first night of Fall 2011 US TV lineup Pilots; I only downloaded a few shows tonight that were new for the fall season and watched them with eager eyes.

First up was ‘Up all night‘ starring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate about a young couple experiencing for the first time in their lives…. Parenthood.
Throw in those 2 stars, Maya Rudolph and a baby and you have a recipe for a very successful sitcom if not for the masses then millions of first time parents like myself and my wife.
This show will do well (I hope so… what else are we going to watch to make us feel good about our parenting skills?)

Up all night

Then came the irresistable Zooey Deschanel in her new sitcom ‘New Girlwhere she plays Jessica a awkward newly single girl who moves into an apartment advertised on craigslist by 3 guys; Nick, Schmidt & Coach played by Jake M. JohnsonMax Greenfield & Damon Wayans Jr. although sadly they replaced Wayans Jr and his Character coach and replace him with Winston played by Lamorne Morris which is sad because I miss seeing Damon Wayons on tv and if Jr is filmed in the right angle you might just mistake him for his dad.

New Girl
Finally ‘Free Agents’ starring Hank Azaria as Alex a newly divorced father who works for a corporate PR firm with Kathryn Hahn who plays Helen a woman who’s Fiance died a year earlier and she is not any where near over the death which makes her perfect for Alex who is clearly not over his divorce.
Lots of Tears (and thats just Alex) and tons of Laughs, I liked this pilot and think its going to be a great show.

Free Agents


I have quite a few more shows in my download que  over the next week and a bit; quite excited for a few of these shows but the anticipation has been building over the last few months for one show in particular….. Terra Nova

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