The Revolution TV show on NBC

Revolution on NBC perhaps the next greatest TV show EVER!


Oh wow guys I just came across this trailer on youtube that you just have to see

A new TV series called Revolution created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural), Executive producers are  J.J. Abrams (Lost, FringeAlcatraz etc) & directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Iron Man 2); with a powerhouse like this you know this new show Revolution is going to be absolutely EPIC!

The show starts off 2012 when everything turns off and I mean EVERYTHING! cars, planes, cellphones, batteries, computers EVERYTHING!; fast forward 15 years later and the world is a completely different place; you’ve got massive plant growth in the cities, people living like they did before computers and warlords YEP! Revolution got warlords!

Basically the show centers around the daughter of a guy who is killed who may or may not know how the whole turning off of everything went down; she’s after her brother who has been kidnapped by one of these warlords and has to meet up with her uncle (Billy Burke from Twilight[don’t let this little thing put you off the show though]) her uncle is super kick ass with ninja swords and well… you should watch the trailer and check out the Pilot episode of Revolution when it airs on NBC 17 September 9/10c (yeah this is a long time away and I’m super disappointed about this 🙁 )

I think Revolution has the potential be the greatest show of the year and I hope they pick up a full season (or 10)


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  1. Lin, a farm woman says:

    I hope this show is on, or picked up too.For a long time. The subject matter is very important and interesting, and can teach many useful ways to survive. MY complaint from just watching the trailer is… The clothing.
    They are all look way too slick and clean, and yes i know they have learned to make soap and store water. But, I am trying to go back to the “old ways” homesteading just to see if we are tough enough to live without stores to provide all our needs. AC or lack of it and winters are so hard on our skin, 15 years will take the “hollywood” look away fast and leave lots of wrinkles, depressed affect and dirty broken nails. And bug bites and scratches and cuts from everyday work around a home they need to look at poor rural famlies for some realistic garb etc. I could go on and on. Like the The lots are too perfect. pile up tree limbs and dirt piles, use more used items around the chicken pens. tools will be hand tools, no electric saws. ok I quit lol just sayin, make it REAL
    That is my two cents worth, I hope it will get to casting, makeup etc.

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