How to Download TV using BitTorrent

Downloading TV shows via BitTorrents or Torrents for short is fairly easy and is free but comes with several drawbacks but if you are okay with these few downsides you can use BitTorrent websites to download your TV shows.

BitTorrent is a peer 2 peer file sharing protocol designed in April 2001 and released to the public in July 2001 and as of 2011 100 million people use it to download TV shows, movies, games, open source software etc etc.

I compare Torrenting  with Usenet on this page here

To start downloading TV shows via torrents you will need a BitTorrent Client (the software)

BitTorrent Clients
– uTorrent (recommended)
– Vuze (formerly ‘Azureus’)
– ABC (Another Bittorrent Client)
– Tixati

Downloading the torrents

Visit and scroll down the page or search using
You will be able to download each episode individually by clicking on the download links as in the example below.



Once the .torrent files has been downloaded to your computer you will need to open it in your torrent software, I am using uTorrent in this example.

utorrent add tv show
Your TV episode should now be downloading.

utorrent downloading tv show

The reason this torrent is going slow is because it is a relativity new episode and there is not many other computers available to download this episode from; as more people finish downloading this episode the speed will pick up and I should have it in an hour or so.

One huge drawback that torrent has over use USEnet is that it is not secure and anybody can see what you are downloading

SO  if you still want to continue downloading torrents please read this page and find out how to conceal your identity online so you can download torrents 100% anonymously.