How to download TV using Hulu

Hulu is a great way to watch TV without downloading any software or plugins; you just go to the Hulu website and start watching one of the thousands of TV episodes, Documentary’s or movies they have listed for free with very limited ads.

Unfortunately you can only view Hulu if you are in the United States BUT there is a work around for that and I will show you how if you click here.

Access any restricted online streaming content including Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, BBCi, Spotify, Pandora, Restricted Youtube videos etc.....


Accessing Hulu

When you first go to Hulu you are greeted with a the home screen where you can watch any of the  new tv episodes posted or any of the featured content.

The Hulu Homescreen

Recent Episodes

You can browse a list of all the recent episodes that Hulu have added to their catalog if you click on ‘Recently added’

The Hulu Recent Episodes

Browsing Networks

One of the things I like about Hulu is the ability to browse TV networks and pick TV shows to watch that way; for example I can browse A&E’s Hulu page and watch the latest Hoarders Episodes

The Hulu Browse by Network page

 Hulu Playlists

If you want you can view Hulu Playlists created by other Hulu members, Staff and Celebrities; I often do this if I want to find something different to watch.

Hulu Playlists


Hulu Limitations

Like all streaming TV services Hulu does have its limitations like not being able to watch the TV shows offline for example and here are a few more Hulu limitations.

– No HD streaming in any free Hulu accounts but you can stream HD TV in a lot of the Hulu Plus accounts

– Advertising; in Hulu there is around 30 seconds of ads in regular ad break intervals; just like on cable TV

– Up to 5 recent episodes of popular current season shows  in free Hulu but in Hulu Plus all episodes from the current season are available.

– Hulu is only availible to those in the USA but I live in New Zealand and I can watch Hulu all I like so please click here and I will show you how I any one in the world can watch Hulu without limitations.

– Some networks like fox are delaying episodes being put on Hulu sometimes for up to and over a week.

What is Hulu Plus?

Hulu Plus is a service offered by Hulu to provide more features to paying Hulu members.

At the time of Writing this article Hulu Plus costs $7.99 a month which is a pretty good deal in my opinion considering the amount of TV shows they have in their catalog.

Also at the moment Hulu Plus is the only way to stream your Hulu shows to your Hulu compatible devices like your Xbox, your Ipad, Boxee Box, PS2 ect (for a list and comparison on products please click here)

Hulu Plus is the only way to watch HD TV & Movies  in Hulu and some of the movies do not have any ads which is a bonus; there are also shows in Hulu Plus that are not available in the free Hulu.

If you think you would like to try Hulu for a week for free please click here

Closing thoughts on Hulu

I love Hulu and use it regularly; its not my first choice for TV but thats partly because I live in New Zealand and cannot get a Hulu Plus account without a US credit card (legally) I can still watch the free Hulu content using my method described by clicking here.