How to Download TV using Netflix

Netflix is a massive catalog of Movies & TV shows both available on DVD & Streaming.

Netflix is not a pay per episode plan, you can download unlimited tv episodes & Movies for a set price, at the moment the price is set at  $7.99 per month for Streaming only and another $7.99 if you want the DVD’s shipped to your door; if you sign up today you get a free 30 day trial to see how you like the service, but just remember to cancel your subscription before the month is up or you will be paying $7.99.

At the moment Netflix is only good for watching TV shows that have been put into the retail market, ie, box sets or watching movies but so totally worth it if only for the movies.

In 2012 Netflix will be adding TV shows to the catalog when the TV shows air allowing them to compete with Hulu.

Access any restricted online streaming content including Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, BBCi, Spotify, Pandora, Restricted Youtube videos etc.....

Unfortunately at the moment you need to be in the US to use Netflix but I have a solution for you on this page here if you are located in any other country and still want to use Netflix.

Netflix Startpage

You do not need to watch these movies & TV shows on your computer screen; you can purchase for insanely cheap prices technology that just plugs into your TV allowing you to browse the entire Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, Hulu Plus and more’s catalog.

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