How to download TV using USENET

Usenet is in my opinion the quickest way to download TV shows not to mention the fact the it is secured by 256bit SSL encryption so that even your very own ISP cannot track what it is you are downloading.

Conceived in 1979 and publicly established in 1980 10 years before the internet was publicly available; Usenet is not going to disappear anytime soon.

You can find all kinds of files on Usenet including but not limited to Blu-rays, computer games, TV shows; ebooks and lots lots more; and each download will go as fast as your internet connection will allow; for example I have a 10MBIT dsl connection and I can download TV shows ect at around 1.2-1.5 megabytes per second meaning each 350mb TV episode will take only a few minutes to download on to my computer.



Unlike Bittorrents Usenet is not free (but it’s cheap as hell!); there are many different usenet service providers and each one costs a different amount but luckily they are very inexpensive (about $10 a month or less) and the majority come with free trial periods where you can cancel at anytime if you do not like the service provided which is always nice to have.

You can even setup Usenet to download TV episodes automatically to your computer so when you get home from work they are ready to watch.

Also unlike Bittorrents download speed is not governed by  how many other users have the particular file that you are downloading so speeds are instantly fast with Usenet just like in the example image above which is highly unlikely to be achieved by a torrent just released on the internet like this TV show was on Usenet.

Most Usenet service providers come with free 256bit SSL encryption so your downloads are 100% safe and secure so even your ISP cannot see what it is that you are downloading so that means you will not get any copyright notices from them which is another thing Usenet has over bittorrents which are un-secure.

Did you know that most TV shows and movies get released on Usenet sometimes an hour or more before they get released on the bittorrent sites? yep its true; most of the content on the torrent sites were downloaded from Usenet and then uploaded to torrents so if you download from Usenet yourself you are cutting out the middleman.

You should check out the Usenet Vs Torrents website to see the speed difference for yourself.

I have typed up a tutorial which shows how to download TV episodes with Usenet.

Downloading TV episodes with Usenet tutorial.