Downloading your first tv show in USEnet

Now that the you have installed and set SABnzbd up (or what ever USEnet client you chose) you can start downloading TV shows.

If you haven’t chosen a Usenet client please click here to go and read that page. 

The easiest way I know how to find the TV episodes is to use a Usenet index website, (kind of like the piratebay or isohunt of USEnet)

My favorite is NZBPlanet

I like NZBPlanet because it has the most features and is the easiest to use and $8 USD one time is worth every penny.

I will show you how to download from NZBPlanet below but to make things easier please download the SABconnect++ extension for either firefox or Chrome (sorry Internet explorer users)

Download for Firefox
Download for Chrome

Once you have installed the extensions in Chrome or Firefox you will need to enter your SABnzdb’s API information which can be copied from your general settings page in SABnzbd http://localhost:8080/config/general/


firefox api










You will need to go to chrome-extension://okphadhbbjadcifjplhifajfacbkkbod/settings.html

SABnzbd Chrome connect++

Ready to download the TV shows?

First I will show you how to download an TV episode from NZBPlanet, (you will need to register for free in order to complete this tutorial)

Step 1.

When you have logged into NZBPlanet please go to the TV section of that website (or click here) then use the search bar to search for a tv show of your choice.









Step 2.

Check the boxes of the tv episodes you would like to download then click on ‘Send to SABnzbd’  OR alternatively you can click on the SABnzbd icon next to the episode to send an individual episode to SABnzbd.

Your shows should now be downloading which you can check by going to your SABnzbd page

If you clicked on the ‘Download NZB’ link please save the NZB file into the NZB watched folder (you can find where this is by visiting http://localhost:8080/config/directories/) SABnzbd will then automatically insert the NZB into its self and start downloading your show.








If you wish to download more than 10 items from NZBplanet in a 24 hour period you will need to signup for a VIP pass for $8 usd (one time payment) then you can download as much as you can handle 🙂


To make your life even more simpler and more entertaining

You can combine SABnzbd with another easy to use and free piece of software called Sickbeard which can seek out and download TV episodes that you watch and put them in the right directories for you which is great if you work all day, you can come home and your TV shows have been downloaded for you automatically – Downloading TV automatically tutorial.