How to set up Usenet Client

Before we begin downloading TV episodes off of Usenet we need the correct piece of software (client).

There are many many different Usenet Clients, some are free and some are not; some even come free with your provider. I like to use SABnzbd because I find it much easier to use than the other Usenet clients so I will demonstrate how to use this client to download your TV shows but first here is a short list of other Usenet clients if you would like to check them out.

Newsbin ($20 one time)
–  Newsrover ($29.95 One time)
– Unzbin (Free)
SABnzbd (Free)

What you need to now is download your Client and install it; the SABnzbd Windows installation file is located here but there is also a Mac and a linux install file on that site too.

If you have installed SABnzbd you will need to complete the wizard by running the SABnzbd from your start menu.

1. In your start menu please double click on SABnzbd; this will bring up the setup wizard.

2. Click ‘Start Wizard’ SABNZBD Wizard







3.Enter your Usenet server information; I am using Newhosting with SSL in this example; please click here to see some trial usenet accounts you can start off with for free including Newhosting.

For secure downloading please make sure your ports are either 443 or 563 these are the SSL ports which encrypt your downloading. Some ISPs will slow your downloads if your are not using these ports.

Click on ‘test server’ if connection is sucessful select ‘next’ otherwise try again.   SABnzbd Server details







4.  This page can be filled out how ever you want it but I like it done this way personally. After you have completed this page please click ‘next’SABnzbd network connection    5. SABnzbd will then restart and ask you for a username and password IF you selected that option in the previous step. SABnzbd Install Wizard   6.  The setup wizard is complete and will list the various ways of accessing SABnzbd. Click ‘Go to SABnzbd’ SABnzbd Install Wizard Right, you are now ready to download your first TV Show, please click here to continue to that page.