How to watch Hulu and more if not in the USA


You are faced with a bit of a conundrum; you want to watch Hulu, Netflix, Amazon instant Video or even youtube videos that have the dreaded ‘Video not available in your country’ message displayed? but unless you move to the USA you are going to be stuck with this problem OR you could do what I do.


Hulu Before and After


It is pretty straight forward to do; and if you follow these instructions you will be watching TV shows that would be unavailable to you normally.

Sign up for a VPN (Virtual Private Network); unfortunatly these are not free; they are not expensive either so dont worry.

My favorite is HideMyAss  but before you sign up for anything let me tell you a bit about VPN’s and how they will allow you to watch Hulu etc if you do not live in the US; for example New Zealand.

I have posted a list of websites that will work once you have Hide My Ass VPN installed;  please click here for the full list of websites. 



What is a VPN & how will this help me watch TV

A VPN allows you to have have an IP address of another country while you surf the internet or download files; so lets say you live in Australia but want to watch Hulu; you just need to log on to your VPN and then Hulu and any other website or service will think you are in the US (or any other country you want to be in at that particular time) allowing you to watch your Hulu shows.

Another thing VPN’s are great for is to avoid internet censorship in your country, school or workplace because they are anonymous and secured by encryption.


Another great thing a VPN is good for is to hide your IP address while downloading Torrents so that you do not get those pesky notices from your ISP.



Hidemyass is the service I personally use to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBCi in New Zealand; it is very inexpensive and has a HUGE list of different IP addresses and countries to choose from.
Hidemyass comes with free easy to use connection software OR you can connect manually, you can even use it on your android smartphone or tablets, or iphones and ipads.

You don’t have to take my word for it…. please read these customer reviews to see what they have to say.

  1. Extensive geographic coverage with servers in 30 countries to ensure fast connection speeds.
  2. One price gets you access to all 160 VPN servers, no complex plans or usage limits.
  3. Hide behind 17’500+ usable IP addresses, the largest amount of any VPN service.
  4. Each time you connect you get a new IP for increased anonymity.
  5. Multiple VPN protocols to use including OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.
  6. Access to custom-built HMA! Pro VPN software.
  7. No bandwidth limitations.
  8. VPN servers added regularly.
  9. Fast and responsive support team.
  10. 30 day money back guarantee

More information on the specifics of how Hidemyass works including server locations etc here.

I have written a tutorial specifically on Hidemyass on this page showing how you can easily use the HMA VPN to watch Hulu, netflix etc in countries where this will normally not work.

Prices start at $11.50 per month if you pay month to month or you can pay for a whole year in advance for $78.66 which works out being $6.55 a month thats almost 50% savings.