What websites and applications work with Hide My ass PRO VPN


I have created a list (this list is by no means complete) of websites and applications that work with Hide My Ass! PRO VPN.
All of these websites and applications can be accessed by following the simple tutorial I have created here.
Unless specified specifically please use these websites and Applications with a US Hide My Ass server

Music with Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

Now that I have Hide My Ass Pro VPN I no longer need to download music illegally because there are tons of websites out there that I can stream high quality music from; these websites are not accessible from the country I am living in (New Zealand) so I use Hide My Ass to trick the websites into thinking I am residing in the correct country which is 100% legal.

Spotify – [Guide to accessing Spotify outside of the US]
– iHeart Radio
Pandora Radio – [Guide to accessing Pandora outside of the US]
Google Music

Video Service with Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

Before getting Hide My Ass I had to download my tv shows and movies illegally if I wanted to watch them when they aired in America or even the UK; I didnt want to wait months for them to air in New Zealand and thats IF the New Zealand tv network execs wanted to air the shows I wanted to watch.
Now that I have Hide My Ass; I can stream the majority of my TV shows from Hulu and watch Movies on Netflix; these are just 2 of the many video network sites you cannot access from your current location but when you use Hide My ass you can access them.

Amazon instant video
Google Movies
– Country restricted Youtube videos
Youtube Movies*
BBC’s iPlayer (when using a UK Hide My Ass server)

*You can actually access Youtube Movies without using Hide My Ass VPN but you will notice a huge difference between accessing Youtube movies with and accessing Youtube Movies without Hide My Ass; please look at the screenshots below and spot the differences.









Did you spot the difference? without using Hide My Ass VPN when going to Youtube Movies you are stuck with c grade movies that they are giving away for free but using Hide My Ass VPN you can stream full length movies that are just out in bluray and DVD for a couple bucks.
When paying for a movie on Youtube movies; you will need to add a credit card and in billing address put a random valid US address that you find on Google; ie the address of one of the thousands of Macdonalds in America.

As I said at the beginning of this page; this list is not complete, please post a comment with your suggestions and I will add them to the lists.
Please remember that all these products work using the simple tutorial I wrote for Hide My ass which you can read by clicking here.


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